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HHAMS Paintball Event by DMS Films

One of our newest members turned out to be a professional filmmaker and FPV guy. He made a short video of our annual paintball event where kids turn up in droves to try to shoot at model planes. In a decade we had not had a film made of this event. Everyone at the club are duly impressed. Continue reading

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HHAMS Field Calendar for Smartphones

In my time between two jobs, I wrote a calendar app for HHAMS. Or, at least, members see it as an “app”, since the calendar runs on smartphones, and can be set up as an icon on the home screen. It is really just a webpage served up by a Flask server.
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(Summary) Flying at Virtual HHAMS Aerodrome in RealFlight and Phoenix RC

Those of you who train using RC flight simulators may have asked yourselves whether it was possible to create, modeled on the HHAMS Aerodrome, an airfield for RealFlight or a flying site for Phoenix RC. I’d been thinking about this … Continue reading

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Corner of the Lost Planes at the HHAMS Aerodrome

There is a “Corner of the Lost Planes” at the HHAMS Aerodrome. This section of the flying field is just a bunch of tall trees, seemingly indistinguishable from other thousand tall trees that surround the aerodrome. It is probably safe to say that almost every member had lost a plane or two to this particular Corner of the Lost Planes, before they learned, from the sages of the HHAMS, secret incantations that free them from the curse of this corner.
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Custom RealFlight Airfields based on the HHAMS Aerodrome

I had been thinking about modeling real RC flight fields in RealFlight for a year or two. It seemed like an impossible task. But it turned out that with modern cameras capable of taking panoramic pictures, plus a simple photo stitching app, this can be done in a few hours. I am using this page going forward, to post updates as I model the HHAMS Aerodrome on Long Island in different seasons under different weather conditions and times of the day.
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