HHAMS Reflections 2018

The end of the year is upon us again. As usual, it is time I try to make use of pictures I couldn’t stop taking on my phone whenever I was at the aerodrome. In 2015, I compiled them into HHAMS 2015 Field Pictures. In 2016, I compiled pictures into HHAMS Pictures of the Year – 2016 and Pictures of Planes Sighted at the Aerodrome in 2016. I was busy in 2017. Thus nothing was done, despite plenty of pictures having been collected.

This year, the club decided to show slideshows at the holiday party. Bobby Alessi and I collected pictures and videos from folks. As a result, we now have 3 photo slideshows and 1 video compilation. Pictures from 2017 and 2018 feature heavily in these, but good materials from 2015 and 2016 were also used.

The video compilation is the longest, at 13:40m. It comprises 6 segments of flying activities at the Aerodrome, each accompanied by a sound track from a scene from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Two segments from the compilation have been extracted and uploaded as their own standalone video. The first is the segment showcasing our (un)official jet of HHAMS, the Avanti S. It includes short-field take-off and landings. Some maneuvers were good. Many were blunders. All are enjoyable to watch.

The second extracted segment is a recording from 2016 of a multiuser combat session in the RealFlight simulator, accompanied by an appropriate track from the movie.

The first photo slideshow highlights a key principle that RC pilots follow. That is, learn to fly responsibly, and try not to make spare parts. It is accompanied by the appropriately titled Learning To Fly by Tom Petty, and Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling. Pictures used in this slideshow can be found on HHAMS: Learning to Fly (reflections 1/4).

The second slideshow examines what HHAMS is about. It is about flying model planes. Sure. But there is so much more than that, as part two highlights. The accompanying music, What A Wonderful World (Somewhere Over the Rainbow) by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, perfectly characterizes the theme of this slideshow. Pictures used in this slideshow can be found on HHAMS: What a Wonderful World (reflections 2/4).

Part three showcases pilots with their beloved planes. Music in the slideshow features: My Girl by The Temptations, My Girl by Otis Redding, and last but foremost, Seabird by Alessi Brothers – that’s our own Bobby Alessi. Pictures used in this slideshow can be found on HHAMS: My Girl (reflections 3/4).


About Xinhai Dude 辛亥生

The name Xinhai Dude 辛亥生 is a pun in Chinese, as it means both “he who was born in Xinhai” as well as “he who studies Xinhai”. I had an ambitious plan to write something about the great Xinhai Revolution of 1911, thus my blog https://xinhaidude.com. But after an initial flurry of activities the initiative petered out. One day I will still carry it through. But for now, this website has turned into a conglomerate of my work on various topics of interest to me, including travel pictures, RC model airplane flying, inline skating, ice skating, classical music composition, science fiction short stories, evolution and atheism.
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