Inline Skating Rink at Eisenhower Park

Eisenhower Park is one of the few places in Nassau County where an inline skater can practice at an outdoor rink when honing one’s skills, and then stroll leisurely on wheels along scenic trails when just hanging around with friends and family. The rink is accessible all year round, and you will see people there every day. However, skating at the rink in winter months is only for the most determined folks.

Demonstrating the lemon drop at the tracks in winter

If you are interested in connecting with your local skaters, consider joining r/NassauBladers at Reddit. If you are learning to skate, check out How to Inline Skate.

This article is not about a skatepark with street and transition elements, but I include it as a honorable mention as a part of my Public Skateparks on Long Island series.

This is what the rink looks like from the sky. Eight circular cement tracks surround an inner cement court with markings for baseball. Surfaces are coated, but I am not sure with what. The inner court gets less abuse and appear to have a less worn-out coating. Despite cracks, skating on tracks and on the inner court is a smooth and satisfying experience because of the coating.

Inline skating tracks and rink

There is another cement ring surrounding the eight tracks. This outer cement ring connects with walking and biking trails leading to the rest of the park, as can be seen in the zoomed out image below. These trails are well-maintained and are satisfyingly smooth for inline skating.

Click on the picture below to go to Google Maps.

Click to go to Google Maps

The Aviators of Nassau County Wheelchair Softball meet on Mondays at the the inner court to play ball. in fact, the inner court is identified as a Wheelchair baseball court on the official map.

Click to see official map

Following video was shot in the late afternoon on a Monday. While inline skaters, kick scooters and runners used the tracks, the inner court was cordoned off for wheelchair games.

Following are pictures showing a view of the inner court on Mondays versus other days.

Monday afternoon
Other days

Here is a view of the rink at sunset at sunset in spring.

A spring sunset at the rink

One will often see large flocks of birds. In this particular occasion, a large number of black birds were observed flying around the park at sunset. It was not clear whether they were crows, grackles or some other birds. They never landed close enough to us for identification.

A flock of black birds

Skating around the park on trails often affords stunning views, such as this picture of fall foliage.

Fall foliage from skating trails

Coming back to the skating rink, here is a 360° view of the rink from the middle of the inner court. Click on the image below to activate the 360° view. Then drag the image to change your view.

These are some regular inline skaters who decided to exchange names and take a selfie, after passing by one another for weeks at the rink and on trails. As mentioned earlier, if you are interested in connecting with your local skaters, consider joining r/NassauBladers at Reddit.

Here are some more pictures of kick scooter riders, roller skaters, runners, biker riders, and inline skaters at the rink. This rink is perfect for folks learning to roller skate or inline skate. The circular tracks allows one to skate forward or backward forever, without having to worry about anything other than a single skill one is currently trying to master. The inner court is huge and can be used to practice all sorts of wizard skate moves.

Others prefer alternative exercises, as seen below.

A new way to exercise

Some of us bring slalom cones to the inner court. They are very popular with kids on bikes and scooters. They can’t resist participating in some slalom action around these cones.

I relearned the Grapevine move on inline skates at this rink.

The inner court at sunset

The rink is illuminated after sunset during the summer. After summer the lights continued to be programmed to turn on at the same summer time it seemed, leaving a gap of time when the rink remained dark.

The inner court at night with illumination

Following are 180° panoramic pictures.

If this post encourages you to pick up inline skating at Eisenhower Park, please don’t simply buy a pair of skates and head to the park. I urge you to first read How to Inline Skate, before you even buy that pair of skates. I believe it will help you have a pleasant first impression of inline skating at the park.

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