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What is a Doob 3D Selfie?

Last year my family visited the miniature park, Madurodam. We had ourselves scanned at the Fantasitron, and subsequently our 3D selfies printed by Shapeways. I was so impressed that I wrote an entire article about 3D scanning, stereophotogrammetry and gypsum-based 3D color printing. We have since found another venue for making 3D selfies, this time in New York City. The company, Doob, delivers an impeccable service, starting from the first moment we made an appointment online. This smooth and professional experience extends to email reminders, in-store consulting, and actual 3D scanning. It concludes with flawless 3D-printed figurines delivered to our house.

However, Doob as a company is rather secretive about its scanning process and 3D-reconstruction software. It is almost impossible to find any information about its 3D printing process. Unlike Madurodam and Shapeways, Doob offers no technical details on either its American website, or the English version of its main German website.

Hopefully this article will help answer some of most frequently-asked questions folks may raise, concerning Doob 3D selfies. If you come across this article, make sure you first read the one about Madurodam 3D selfies, to understand the basic concepts. Continue reading

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3D selfies made in Fantasitron at Madurodam

Writing a computer program to map 2-dimensional drawings to 3-dimensional models had once been my obsession. This stemmed from the endless hours I spent drawing, by hand, orthographic projections of 3D models, and vice versa. While this was condemned as a chore universally by my classmates at Escuela Técnica No. 28 in Buenos Aires, I quite enjoyed it. After my family moved to New York, I no longer had to make these homework drawings. Instead I wrote a C program to generate 3D polyhedrons from 2D polygonal views. The long paper I wrote alongside this program won the gold medal at the New York Math Fair.

That seemed like a lifetime ago. In between then and now, algorithms had been invented to generate 3D models of people in color and with great details, all from simple 2D photos. But it is only in recent years that such technologies started to become commoditized. Just a month ago, Elisha and I stepped into, for a few seconds, a photo booth the size of a restroom, at the miniature park Madurodam. Three weeks later we received an exquisite 3D selfie printed by Shapeways.
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Doodling on the iPad

More of my doodling on the iPad.
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Watercolor paintings of Chinese zodiac animals in Auryn Ink

In 2013 I discovered an watercolor painting app called Auryn Ink. It’s a great app for the iPad. It allows near-realistic watercolor paintings on a tablet. It has good simulations of interactions between pigment and water. I’ve painted a few simple zodiac animals with it in 2013 and 2014. Here are some of them, plus a few other paintings.
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3Doodler Monkey on a Prop Balancer

Here is my latest 3Doodler creature – a tiny monkey swinging on a prop balancer that I bought for my RC planes. The prop balancer sat on my workbench collecting dust. So I figure it would be more useful as a prop for the new 3Doodler creation.
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Rubik’s Cube Solution

I remember figuring out my own solution to the Rubik’s Cube more than two decades ago. But I have long forgotten the exact moves past two layers of solved pieces. Recently Sheryl showed me a cube. I googled a random solution and solved the cube for her. This rekindled the the drive to personalize the solution and internalize its moves, again. It turned into a nerdy anniversary present for Elisha. Continue reading

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Miniature Corsair made with the 3Doodler Pen

So I picked up a 3Doodler Pen to make a birthday present for my wife. Given my recent interest in flying RC model airplanes, the first idea that crossed my mind was the ultra micro Horizon Hobby Corsair I had been flying of late. So I 3D-doodled one with a wingspan measuring all of three inches long, modeled on a plan I found of the Vought F4U Corsair.
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