Slalom bladers at Corona Park

Slalom bladers practice at a well-paved area behind Mist Garden at Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens. The surface of Mist Garden is quite smooth for inline skating as well, when it’s not spewing fog and mist. You will find Mist Garden right next to the Unisphere which skateboarders and bladers alike have also turned into a skating rink.

This article is not about a skatepark with street and transition elements, but I include it as a honorable mention as a part of my Public Skateparks on Long Island series. Also check out the article on Maloof Skatepark which is just 3-minute away by skates.

Slalom area with the Mist Garden and the Unisphere in the background

Location of the slalom area is marked in orange in the map shown below. Mist Garden and butter-smooth pavement walkways around it are marked in yellow. Unisphere and the blue fountain base is found in the lower-left corner.

Slalom area, Mist Garden, and Unisphere

Here is a 180° panorama of the slalom area.

Here is the area on Google Maps.

Long-time bladers have organized into a group that meet at this amazing place. The group goes by Skating@Flushing Meadows, and can be found regularly at Mist Garden.

Skating@Flushing Meadows

Slalomers come visit from other places. Here is Jeff teaching me Forward Stroll (or Double Crazy).

Jeff teaching Forward Stroll

This is a slow-motion capture of the same demonstration of Forward Stroll (or Double Crazy) by Jeff.

Slomo capture of Forward Stroll

When the pool is not completely swarming with kids, we prefer to practice on the smoother surface of the pool. This pool is situated between Unisphere and Fountain of the Planets.

Practice area in the pool

Here are 180° panoramic pictures of the pool.

Here is a map showing where the pool is (the red icon) . Click on the image to go to Google Maps.

More pictures:

Some skaters hang out under the Unisphere, using the base of the fountain as a skate rink.

Sometimes the group takes trips around the park, as documented in the following video.

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