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Tidal Suites at the Norseman Resort on Ogunquit Beach

This article is a part of the Ogunquit in September Guide I am writing, for the model aeronautically-inclined. This installment is about the Tidal Suites at Norseman Resort we stayed at, during the first part of the trip. As is usually the case, I spent time writing this article after the trip, because I wished someone had written something about this topic, and had posted some pictures of this place online. It would have helped me tremendously during my trip planning. And it would have eased the anxiety I continued to feel until the day of departure. But there was very little information to be found online about the resort, and almost nothing about the new Tidal Suites. Continue reading

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Custom Phoenix RC Flying Sites based on the HHAMS Aerodrome

This is a follow-up to the custom airfields I made for RealFlight. This time I modeled the HHAMS Aerodrome on Long Island for Phoenix RC. One of the flying sites has been accepted by Phoenix RC as an official flying site.
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Custom RealFlight Airfields based on the HHAMS Aerodrome

I had been thinking about modeling real RC flight fields in RealFlight for a year or two. It seemed like an impossible task. But it turned out that with modern cameras capable of taking panoramic pictures, plus a simple photo stitching app, this can be done in a few hours. I am using this page going forward, to post updates as I model the HHAMS Aerodrome on Long Island in different seasons under different weather conditions and times of the day.
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