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Tidal Suites at the Norseman Resort on Ogunquit Beach

This article is a part of the Ogunquit in September Guide I am writing, for the model aeronautically-inclined. This installment is about the Tidal Suites at Norseman Resort we stayed at, during the first part of the trip. As is usually the case, I spent time writing this article after the trip, because I wished someone had written something about this topic, and had posted some pictures of this place online. It would have helped me tremendously during my trip planning. And it would have eased the anxiety I continued to feel until the day of departure. But there was very little information to be found online about the resort, and almost nothing about the new Tidal Suites. Continue reading

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Unusual Oculus Roomscale Setup

I have been patiently waiting for the day the era of Snow Crash arrived. A few weeks ago I received my Oculus Touch, to complement the Oculus Rift I got in June. What a world of difference the Touch made. I now proclaim the era of virtual reality to be upon us!

But Touch doesn’t work “as is” for me, sadly. It is designed primarily for people who sit on a desk against a wall, looking at the monitor. You see, the thing is, I have a non-standard room setup. My man cave looks like nothing of the sort during the day when I roll up the shades. When the lights are off, however, a projector sitting atop the bookshelf projects the entire screen onto a white wall, across the room. My game PC lives in a corner of the bookshelf alongside other equipment, behind my recliner throne.

I set out to mount the Oculus sensors on the wall and to bury cables behind the drywall. It turned out to be a challenge in many ways. But I now have what enthusiasts call a “roomscale” setup for virtual reality applications. Continue reading

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