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Anyone can Darth Maul Beat Saber with a double-bladed DIY adapter for Oculus Touch

The title of this article is not exactly wrong grammatically. You really can maul your way through Beat Saber, with a homemade double-bladed saber. And you do this on your Oculus Rift, with your Touch controller.

But first, you must 3D-print adapters for the Touch, and modify a PVC pipe to connect the two adapters. You will also install unofficial Beat Saber mods, in order to record a 3rd person view of your battle. When done, you’ll be able to make a video like the one below yourself, to brag with online. Continue reading

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Unusual Oculus Roomscale Setup

I have been patiently waiting for the day the era of Snow Crash arrived. A few weeks ago I received my Oculus Touch, to complement the Oculus Rift I got in June. What a world of difference the Touch made. I now proclaim the era of virtual reality to be upon us!

But Touch doesn’t work “as is” for me, sadly. It is designed primarily for people who sit on a desk against a wall, looking at the monitor. You see, the thing is, I have a non-standard room setup. My man cave looks like nothing of the sort during the day when I roll up the shades. When the lights are off, however, a projector sitting atop the bookshelf projects the entire screen onto a white wall, across the room. My game PC lives in a corner of the bookshelf alongside other equipment, behind my recliner throne.

I set out to mount the Oculus sensors on the wall and to bury cables behind the drywall. It turned out to be a challenge in many ways. But I now have what enthusiasts call a “roomscale” setup for virtual reality applications. Continue reading

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