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Custom RealFlight Airfields – Bethpage RC Model Airplane Field

This is another follow-up to the HHAMS airfields I made for RealFlight 7.5. This time I modeled the Bethpage state park on Long Island. The polo field at the state park serves as RC model airfield for various AMA clubs including Whitman Flyers and Cobra.
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Custom RealFlight Airfields based on the HHAMS Aerodrome

I had been thinking about modeling real RC flight fields in RealFlight for a year or two. It seemed like an impossible task. But it turned out that with modern cameras capable of taking panoramic pictures, plus a simple photo stitching app, this can be done in a few hours. I am using this page going forward, to post updates as I model the HHAMS Aerodrome on Long Island in different seasons under different weather conditions and times of the day.
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