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What Exactly is a Peeled Extreme Beef Tenderloin from Costco?

This short article of mine is not about butchering a whole tenderloin. It’s about not having to bother with butchering a whole tenderloin. It turns out that Costco sells processed tenderloin, albeit at a much higher unit price. I found the increased price well worth paying for. This processed version is called “Peeled Extreme Beef Tenderloin”. Continue reading

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Oxtail Steak a la Sous Vide

I was talking to a friend about my oxtail steak I once plugged at r/sousvide. I was telling him how I got mostly negative feedback along the lines of “an oxtail is an oxtail is an oxtail – you stew it”. Retelling this story reminded me of pictures I took while undertaking that 24-hour endeavor.
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