Lido Key – Sarasota wiki vacation part 3

Adventure Kayak Guided Tour Cormorant among the Fleet

Watching a dolphin breach

This is part three of the Sarasota Wiki Vacation series. This trip to the Sarasota barrier islands yielded a large number of pictures which I’ve added to various Wikipedia articles. The unusually-long post I wrote became too long and unfocused. It is about 90 pages long. I am now breaking it up into specific posts by location and theme.

Chatting with Locals at Lido Beach

Enjoying lobster rolls at the beach

This one is about our trip to Lido Key, comprising an ecotour in the morning of the Sarasota Bay and its red mangrove trees, and a visit to the Lido Beach in the afternoon.

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Guided kayak ecotour launched from Lido Key

We didn’t have to agonize over itinerary on day four. We signed up online, for a guided kayak ecotour the day before, with Adventure Kayak Outfitters. We launched from the South Lido Park at Lido Key, with a crew of a dozen kayaks, some singles and others tandems.

Adventure Kayak Guided Tour the Fleet

The fleet launched onto the bay

Our fearless leader, Dan, stood up to look for signs of manatees and dolphins in the Sarasota Bay. In fact, he paddled standing up throughout the whole segment of the tour where the fleet was on the bay.

Adventure Kayak Guided Tour Spotting for Manatees

Where are my manatees?

Dan did spot a dolphin soon, and we all oohed and aahed as we watched the dolphin breach. It never did swim close to us, however. But we watched it zigzag from one side of the bay to the other and back. Then it headed off towards John Ringling Causeway, and was gone for good.

Dan also spotted a manatee far away. The most we got to see of the manatee was its nose which surfaced a few times. But its huge body under the surface was unmistakeable. Sadly, I was too focused looking at that giant shadow of a manatee to take pictures.

Adventure Kayak Guided Tour Cormorant on a Manatee Speed Limit Post

Cormorant on a manatee speed limit post

We tunneled through the red mangrove trees, or rather their roots.

Navigating the red mangrove tunnel

Lobster rolls at the Lido Beach Pavilion

The kayak guide Dan told us that Lido Beach Pavilion made mean lobster rolls. They were of bigly value given their high quality against the low price. He was completely right. The brioche-like bread was sauteed with butter. The lobster roll was fresh and delicious.

Lido Beach Pavilion

Lido Beach Pavilion

Snowy Egret at Lido Beach Pavilion

A snowy egret at Lido Beach Pavilion

Lobster Roll at Lido Beach Pavilion

Lobster roll at Lido Beach Pavilion

Lido Key Beach

We walked around Lido Key Beach after our lunch.

Lido Key Beach


This is part three of a series. It follows part two: World’s Largest Miniature Circus. The full series can be found here on this 90-page-long post. The next one is: part four – Siesta Key.

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