Rearrangements as Gifts 2007-2010

Here are a few examples of music I rearranged as gifts for special occasions in the past. None of these are complex nor recorded. Sorry about the MIDI-quality mp3 files. I know they hurt your ears. They do mine, too.

Turn Your Eyes is a piano prelude music I extended slightly for Elisha in 2007.

You’ve got an Imaginary Friend in Jesus was rearranged in 2009 as a piano solo from James Taylor’s rendition of Carole King’s music, for Elisha. This one is a bit more elaborate, but probably needs some more tweaking.

I Wish You a Jingle Belly Christmas was rearranged in 2010 for my niece Sheryl Huang on her 7th birthday. It was a fun piece we could play together (cello and piano), mixing Jingle Bells with We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

Music Score Mp3 Instrument
Turn Your Eyes Score Piano
You’ve Got an Imaginary Friend in Jesus Score Piano
I Wish You a Jingle Belly Christmas Piano, Score Cello & piano

About Xinhai Dude 辛亥生

The name Xinhai Dude 辛亥生 is a pun in Chinese, as it means both “he who was born in Xinhai” as well as “he who studies Xinhai”. I had an ambitious plan to write something about the great Xinhai Revolution of 1911, thus my blog But after an initial flurry of activities the initiative petered out. One day I will still carry it through. But for now, this website has turned into a conglomerate of my work on various topics of interest to me, including travel pictures, RC model airplane flying, inline skating, ice skating, classical music composition, science fiction short stories, evolution and atheism.
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