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Music Inspired by Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins is a great man. From the first book of his I picked up, River Out of Eden, to the last one I read, The Greatest Shown on Earth, I’ve never ceased to be amazed by how his passion of biology and his talent at articulating the grandeur of nature ooze out of every single page.

Dawkins is the person who helped me find my atheistic voices in he vocabulary of evolutionary biology. And for that I’ve dedicated many work of art to the great man. For instance, The Lost Cause was wholly inspired by the dozen of books on evolution penned by the man that I’ve read. Similarly, I have written Wikipedia articles on some of his books, such as River Out of Eden and The Ancestor’s Tale, to help guide those who are still searching for their voices.

Here, however, I collect music I have written that are inspired by Dawkins’ work.
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Human Evolution by Germline Engineering is a Result of Natural Selection on Memes

(2015-10-13) I wrote this essay in 2014 as part of the Coursera course on “Human Evolution: Past and Future” by Professor John Hawks. Presumably a number of essays would be selected and published in a book. But that final selection … Continue reading

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Debunking: The Caveman Mystique by Martha McCaughey

Debunking: The Caveman Mystique by Martha McCaughey
September 30th, 2010
by Fred Hsu

This is a diary I kept as I read yet another book an acquaintance who taught social science once recommended. The first book was dealt with in Debunking: Sex at Dawn by Rayn and Jetha. As with the first book, I rather enjoy summarizing and debunking this second book, The Caveman Mystique by Martha McCaughey.

It’s just a habit. Attempting to summarize a book allows me to organize ideas I read. If I can accurately and succinctly convey the essence of the material (emphasis on accuracy more than on brevity), I think I can be said to actually understand the material, whether I subscribe to author’s views. Continue reading

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Debunking: Sex at Dawn by Ryan and Jetha

Debunking: Sex at Dawn, by Rayn and Jetha
August 26, 2010

This is a diary I kept as I read a book an acquaintance who taught social science once recommend. The book presumably argued successfully against current evolutionary psychology theories and practices. I had my doubts. But as a rule I don’t criticize something I haven’t investigated. So I bought the book and read it. Following are my personal notes I jotted down after reading a chapter or two. Continue reading

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The Lost Cause

The Lost Cause First written March 2009. Last edited July 2016 During the minute it takes me to compose this sentence, thousands of animals are being eaten alive; others are running for their lives, whimpering with fear; others are being … Continue reading

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