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Human Evolution by Germline Engineering is a Result of Natural Selection on Memes

(2015-10-13) I wrote this essay in 2014 as part of the Coursera course on “Human Evolution: Past and Future” by Professor John Hawks. Presumably a number of essays would be selected and published in a book. But that final selection … Continue reading

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Review of 50 Voices of Disbelief – Why We Are Atheists

50 Voices of Disbelief – Why We Are Atheists
Edited by Russell Blackford and Udo Schüklenk
Book Review by Fred Hsu

Sometimes mistakes have a way of helping me expand my perspective.

A long time ago, I listened to a short essay by a presumably great magician on NPR’s “This I Believe” program. Unlike other essays read on this program, this one was a belief on the non-existence of something. It was titled “This I believe: I believe there is no God.” The essay brought me to tears, as it beautifully expressed my beliefs in exactly the way I could not.

A month ago I ran across a delightful blog entry titled “Imagine No Religion.” I said to myself, “what a well-written little essay for a blog!” It nicely captured essential arguments against organized religions. Then it stripped away from religious leaders their self-bestowed authority to prescribe moral truths.

No sooner had I looked at the footer of this page than I discovered that it was one of 50 essays from the book “50 Voices of Disbelief,” reposted with permission from the author of the essay, Edgar Dahl, and the publishers. I followed the link on the page to Amazon. Normally I would have stopped there, thinking that I could always get this book later when I had free time. But I spotted the name James (The Amazing) Randi on the list of essayists. I put two and two together, and bought this book, for surely it included Randi’s great essay I’d heard on NPR.
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Introduction to Evolution

March 2009 Movies as the Only Source of Education for the Public: 1.      In Ninja Turtles, four turtles and a rat were exposed to liquid mutagen, turning them human size with ability to speak. Impossible. 2.      Hulk: physicist was exposed … Continue reading

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The Lost Cause

The Lost Cause A Parable of the Stuff of Life During the minute it takes me to compose this sentence, thousands of animals are being eaten alive; others are running for their lives, whimpering with fear; others are being slowly … Continue reading

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The Blessed One

The Blessed One June 11, 2007 Messengers of the Blessed One rarely make appearances in the heaven these days. Elders in my clan like to speak of the time when His messengers roamed the heaven and the glory of the … Continue reading

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時間到了,人人必經的最後一段路終於在面前攤開來,老人回想這一生中的經歷,大部分像在履行誓約似地扮演了另一個人的腳色,自己活了多久也不知該如何計算。 Continue reading

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葛理翰牧師的夢魘 作者: 許瑞源 2003 Translated by stillwaters in 2006 to English as Pastor Billy Graham’s Nightmare. 比利‧葛理翰是位退休的牧師,他一生事奉上帝,被認為是上帝最忠實的僕人。更有人說他是美國歷史上最有成就的傳道人,將來死了上天堂,必定要與宗教改革家馬丁路德同桌,分享上帝及上帝兒子耶穌的榮耀。然而這些對一個末期巴金森患者來說,似乎已經一點都不重要了。現在的比利經常坐在後院裡的搖椅上,呆望著對面幾枝凋謝中的百合花。他只想多活幾個月,多享受一點古巴雪茄的榮耀。 這天比利坐著坐著似乎就出神了,傾時雷聲大作,他看見天開了,有上帝的靈,彷彿鴿子一般降下。但只一霎時就像老鷹一般地盤旋直下。不,更像一顆巨大的圓球,由天邊一下子飄落下來。比利同時聽見天上有聲音說,「這是我的愛僕,我所喜悅的…」又有一朵彩雲出現在他面前,接他進入巨球之中。 比利回首往院子看了最後一眼,卻發現自己的身體還坐在搖椅上。他記得聖經中被接上天的先知,包括摩西及以利亞,都是肉身升天的,而自己這樣子看來好像只是靈魂出竅,是以前所不曾聽說過的。不過想到聖靈要如何作工應是人所不能參透的,比利就釋然了,終身養成的習慣讓他知道應如何完全接受神的旨意。

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上一回在最後一段裡,筆者提起了一個神祕人物,這個人自年輕時便曾與「太平天國」打交道,後來又連續參加了「自強運動」、「戊戌維新」、「君主立憲運動」、與「興中會革命」等,可以說清末的最後六十年之中,從太平天國開始,直到辛亥革命前夕的每一個最重要運動裡,我們都能發現他的足跡。今天筆者又在《世界周刊》裡讀到記者對這個人的追念,讀後感觸良深,覺得有些話不吐不快,因此花了點時間整理手上有的資料,想將上次未揭曉的這個神祕人物介紹給大家。 Continue reading

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