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Pastor Billy Graham’s Nightmare

(Translated by stillwaters in 2006 from 葛理翰牧師的夢魘)

Billy Graham is a retired pastor. He served God all his life and is considered amongst the most faithful of God’s servants. There are even people who say he is the most successful preacher in American history, and that when he dies and goes to heaven, he will surely share a table with Martin Luther of the Reformation, partaking in the glory of God and His son Jesus. But all this to a Parkinson’s patient who is in his last days seems to bear no more importance now. Billy nowadays often sits in a rocking chair in his backyard, idly staring at the withering lilies. He only wants to live a few more months, to enjoy the glory of Cuban cigars some more.

This day, Billy is sitting as usual and finds himself zoning out. But then the thunder roars, and he sees the skies open, and there is the spirit of God, descending like a dove, but after but an instant, it spirals down as an eagle. No, more like a giant ball, falling from the sky. At the same time, Billy hears a voice from the sky, saying, “Behold my servant, whom I have chosen; my beloved, in whom my soul is well pleased…” And another cloud appears before him, sweeping him into the giant ball. Continue reading

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筆者人生前十八年可說是在教會裡長大,一大本聖經卻也沒怎麼認真地去研讀。有天拿起來仔細研究,卻發現從前在教會團契裡所謂的「查經」,原來只是大家圍個圓圈,胡天墜地亂扯一番,如此而已,從此成為無神論人。但要再過了十年,遍讀生物學裡的進化論書籍後,才能講明白為何「神」是個多餘的概念。2003年在翻了翻新約,有感而發,寫了篇「葛理翰牧師的夢魘」來表達個人對新約的認知。 子曰:「四十而不惑」。以下筆者嘗試用科學方法再一次閱讀新約聖經,將每一本書、每一章、每一節都記錄下來,當成可引證用的證據,主要在探討耶穌三年的傳教生涯中,到底是說了些什麼道理。再將這些零碎的資料整合,嘗試找出所謂基督教的「基要真理」。每一個基要真理都要站立在穩固的證據上,從注釋裡都能回朔至原始資料。 讀四福音書時,當記得除了馬可福音可能在西元70年前寫成,其他三本書都是在羅馬人撲滅66AD發起的猶太革命後寫的。當時耶路撒冷的聖殿被毀滅,猶太人被屠殺,存活下來的被強迫四散世界各地,耶穌門徒所在的耶路撒冷教會也被消滅了。福音書裡講到耶穌在30AD預言聖殿被外邦人毀滅、信徒受逼迫、末日將有征戰等,讀時應該回想作者身處的時代大背景,更要注意收讀書信的各信徒團體在教義認知上之不同。 新約聖經的寫作過程中,由各作者收編口傳歷史,再加進當地當時的基督教義,不免會有所矛盾之處。以下第一個表格呈現整合過的各基要真理,每個基要真理是個別的單體,與其他基要真理可能相補相容,也可能有所衝突。內容有關、要理相容的編列入共同的條目。而各條目依可能互相矛盾的大主題分類。第二個表格按章照節,列出基本資料,以茲查詢。

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